See the beauty of Mozambique from Maputo hotels

White sandy beaches… an endless horizon… the smell of the sea… palm trees… the feel of the sand between your toes… pink coral reefs… brilliantly coloured fish… The scenario could place you in a few places on the planet, until you add LM prawns to the mix – fresh from the catch. Then you know you’re in Maputo hotels in Mozambique on the southeast coast of Africa.

One of the best ways to breathe it all in is on the beach with a bucket of prawns and a bottle of wine!

Maputo is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean as well as the City of Acacias, because its streets are ablaze with red blooms.

Fishing companies who export LM prawns claim to freeze them as soon as they leave the water, some as fast as within 20 minutes, and shoppers should be buying them frozen. The authentic recipe is marinated and flavoured with peri-peri – and it’s not for sensitive taste buds.

The Maputo International Airport, which opened in 2010, can process 900 000 international passengers per year. Once you’re there, you can get around from your Maputo hotels by minibus taxi, the recently introduced three-wheeler tuk-tuk, by ferry or on foot depending on what sights you want to see.

While Maputo hotels on Maputo beach claim a prized position in a trendy spot, the Maputo Waterfront is under development for an estimated $1,2 billion. Once complete, the project will offer tremendous leisure and commercial prospects for tourists and business travellers alike.

If you like the art, design and history components of architecture, you’ll love seeing the work of experts like Gustav Eiffel, Pancho Guedes, Herbert Baker and Thomas Honney. Guedes was a modernist, whose designs in the sixties and seventies were clean, straight and functional. However, he cleverly collaborated with local art schemes to create a distinctly Mozambican theme for the city’s buildings.

Be sure to visit the Central Train Station from your Maputo hotels where the influence of classical European trends is evident through the work of Alfredo Augusto Lisboa de Lima, Mario Veiga and Ferreira da Costa. The station was built between 1913 and 1916.

On this history front, Maputo hotels near the centre of town could guide tourists to the Fortaleza, a Portuguese fort, which holds the remains of Ngungunyana, ruler of the old Gaza Empire, who tried and failed to defeat the Portuguese in the late 19th century.

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Exploring Nigeria from the best hotels Lagos can boast of

The hotels Lagos has to offer are tantamount to base camps from which to explore the city and the environs of this, the economic capital of Nigeria (Abuja being the political capital). Located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa and sharing borders with Chad to the north-east, Cameroon to the east, Benin to the west and Niger to the north-west, Nigeria is one of the biggest countries on the continent. Spanning over 923 000 square kilometres, it is home to over 150-million people – making it the most densely populated country in Africa and one of the 10 most populous countries in the world.

Nigeria is named after the Niger, the third largest river in Africa that flows south through the western part of the country, and Nigeria is an example of the good hotels Lagos can boast about that are scarce in most other parts of a land that is very diverse in several respects. The landscape varies from mangrove swamps on the southern coast to hardwood forests inland, and although English is the official language, there are 250 ethnic groups speaking over 200 languages and some 4000 dialects in no fewer than 36 states or provinces that the nation has been divided into. Islam and Christianity are the major religions, but there are a number of others including Yoruba, Orisha and Ifa – Muslims dominating to the north and Christians to the south.

The hotels Lagos has on its islands and mainland host many a business traveller, many of whom are somehow engaged in the oil business – oil accounting for 80% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings, with the country ranking among the world’s top dozen oil producers and among the top five when it comes to natural gas reserves. Among the others who check into the hotels Lagos prides itself on are people in the local movie and music businesses, the country’s politicians, and not forgetting the occasional soccer hero – Nigeria’s Super Eagles having one of the most successful football track records of any African country.

Of Nigeria’s labour force amounting to some 50-million people, 70% are involved in agriculture, 10% in industry, and 20% in services. Just over 30% of the land is arable, with the farming activities encompassing cassava (tapioca), cocoa, corn, millet, palm oil, peanuts, rice, rubber, sorghum, yams and timber, as well as cattle, goats, pigs and sheep. Fishing also contributes to the gross domestic product, and the industries in which the country is involved include oil and gas, coal and tin, iron ore, lead and zinc, cement and other construction materials, chemicals and fertilizer – the list goes on.

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Celebrate Family Friendly Holidays at Magnificent Thailand

Thailand is truly a vacation paradise- its distinct culture, varied heritage, picturesque landscape, tropical beaches and lush green hills simple mesmerize the onlookers. Nowhere else a visitor would find such a kaleidoscope of rich sights and exotic scenes. Thailand comes across as an experience and whosoever comes here on family friendly holidays feels like participating in this extravaganza.
Be it the rice fields, sandy beaches or the warm hospitality offered by locals, Thailand is a country that will win your heart on your every visit. The nation’s amazing display of continuity, reverence to the monarchy and its fervor for Buddhism never fails to enchant visitors on their family friendly holidays to Thailand. These aspects reflect quintessential “Thainess” which indelibly colors the country and exemplifies its distinctness. You will be flabbergasted to find phenomenal amalgamation of country’s respect for its past and its zest for modernity. It is this magic that will make your family friendly holidays to Thailand so rewarding.

Your whole family will have a glimpse of a multifaceted destination in Thailand- its enormous cultural and geographical miscellany and all the modern amenities to provide an unforgettable family friendly holiday experience. From elite shopping brands to sumptuous dining, Thailand is a country of all pleasures and finesse. Have a look at Thailand’s two best resorts that will make your stay pleasurable:
•Six Senses Samui is a perfect exotic hideaway and outstandingly beautiful resort offering ultimate privacy and breathtaking views. The accommodation is so close to nature and is so Eden-like that it takes you to a trance like state. Its flawless service and all the modern amenities will remind you that you live in deluxe resort in Bophut Beach and not in the tropical garden. It is famous for its lavish anti-stress programs, yoga and ayurvedic therapies such as Secret La Stone 4 hands procedure or Harmonic Healing. If you are interested in a more active way of spending vacations, then tennis, canoeing and fishing are at your disposal.
•The Sea Samui Vacation Residence and its fabulous villas looking over the ocean and tropical gardens, surrounding the resort, offer the relaxing atmosphere of absolute comfort and relaxation, tranquility and privacy. Villas feature private Jacuzzis, kitchen areas, blissful rain showers and huge balconies or terraces as well as all possible modern facilities. This one of the best resorts disposes an outstanding spa center, fitness center and even private leisure boats for hire to make your vacations truly unforgettable.

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Buying and Renting in the Alpujurras, Southern Spain

Andalucia is an autonomous region in the south of Spain and is formally recognised as such in the preamble of its own autonomy statute.

Its capital is the beautiful city of Seville, steeped in history and culture fronted by a fascinating collection of national “pavilions” left behind from the Iberian-American Exhibition of 1929, and along streets lined with orange trees partially obscuring quaint little caf•�s and bars.

Andalucia itself is divided into eight separate provinces, including Grenada. At one point it shares a short border with Gibraltar.

The name “Andalucia” is believed to originate from “Al-Andalus”, the Muslim name for the Moorish Iberian territories that ebbed and flowed during the long period between the eighth and fifteenth centuries. However this name itself is also believed by many to be a corruption of “Vandalusia”, named by the Germanic Vandals who invaded Spain following the fall of the Roman Empire.

Several aspects of the culture usually associated generically with Spain are in actual fact Andalucian in origin, including bullfighting and flamenco. Much of the community’s architectural styles still bear testimony to the Moorish influence.

Generally the climate in Andalucia is Mediterranean, with dry summers influenced by the Azores High. However much of the region is mountainous and here there is snow. Indeed the Sierra Nevada National Park is Europe’s most southerly ski resort.

Alpujurras is a landlocked and mountainous historical region within South East Andalucia stretching south from the Sierra Nevada mountains. Older records show the resort named “Alpuxarras”.

The climate, scenery and generally unspoiled serenity of Andalucia makes it an attractive option for adventurous holidaymakers who enjoy nature, wildlife and walking. One can rent a holiday cottage or purchase a small holding, indeed many arrive from elsewhere in Western Europe to buy property in the Alpujurras.

So spectacular and welcoming is the region that visitors holidaying and setting up home in Alpujarras include not only foreign nationals from Europe but also people from other parts Spain. For many it is a place of retreat from the stress and strain of everyday life in the cities, and its serene, old-fashioned ambience allows a different pace of life to flourish just two hours from one of Spain busiest international airports.

Spain has increasingly become a place of settlement for retiring and relocating citizens from the United Kingdom, and the quality of life and climate in Andalucia and in the Alpujurras in particular make it a very appealing option for those seeking a new life in a new environment with a hospitable climate.

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